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5 Reasons Why Wahms in Direct Sales Should Have a Blog

Most direct sales companies offer you a “free website” where you can refer customers and potential recruits, sure this is a great tool to have but if you want to ramp up your business it’s best to also have your own personal blog.  With very little investment of time and money you have the an incredible platform to speak directly to your audience.

So what would you blog about?

  • Sale Items and Specials – When you are blogging about sale items not only are you telling your customers about it, but you are telling search engines about it.  Search engine traffic alone can give you an edge on the competition.
  • Hostess Incentives – Home parties make direct sales businesses go round so, you’ll want to brag about all the gifts being offered.  Most direct sales companies change out these gifts quiet often so, if you have a customer that has one newest incentives on her wishlist she might just be moved to host a party after all.
  • Your Favorite Products -  Let’s face it most work at home moms in direct sales signed up because they are passionate about what they sell.  You can blog about what your favorite products are and why.
  • The Newest Products -  Blogging about the newest items your company has to offer again gives you a leg up.  When something new comes out be one of the first to talk about it on your blog.  Again you gain potential sales, hostesses and search engine traffic when you are sharing what the latest must have item is.
  • Your Own Success – Who doesn’t love a great success story!  You can inspire potential recruits by telling about the bonuses and promotions you’ve earned.  Someone may search Google wanting to know if they can make good money selling this or that and there you are smiling in some pink Cadillac or something.

So where and how do you start your blog?

  1. Find a Domain Name – I believe it’s more memorable and definitely more professional to have a domain name of your own. For right around $10 you can be rather than
  2. Pick a host! – Blogger is an easy to use platform for blogging but if you want the to add in more user friendly features like contact forms and the like, you’ll want to go with a self hosted WordPress blog.  Again a low investment, I personally use HostGator for this blog and blogs I build for others. It’s just a little over $7.00 when you pay monthly.
  3. Set it up! – Blogger has lots of different designs to choose from and it’s pretty self explanatory.  There are plenty of places to get free WordPress themes but I recommend ones you pay for as the free ones often have hidden links in them.
  4. Start Blogging! – I tell moms  that ask me about blogging that if you can email you can blog. Choose a subject and start to type.

For more information on blogging check out How to Blog which gives a couple of lessons on setup and other blogging related subjects.

Happy Blogging!

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